Lisa Ruttan Wolff

artist • Stone sculptor • teacher

Lisa Ruttan Wolff






For more than 15 years, I have taught stone sculpting workshops and classes. New and experienced sculptors find an opportunity to considerably heighten their skill level and insight. My approach combines formal techniques with the creative process of spirituality and intuition.


I have created with stone for over 25 years. My sculptures feature decades of technical training and spiritual discovery. Each raw stone partners with me to create a story that I do my very best to tell.

My story

I began stone sculpting serendipitously. Before I started stone sculpting, my passion was rock climbing. When I was climbing, I noticed that I had a special relationship to stone.


A unique approach

I believe the lessons learned while sculpting stones can be applied to the larger context of the carver’s spiritual and artistic practices. I find stone to be the perfect medium to consciously experience the creative process. I am fond of saying, "Stone moves slow enough so that we can catch up."